John's Escape, a loose sequel to the RPG Maker game that I made last year, was uploaded last week and patched today to 1.01. It is available at the downloadable games subsection under the interactive section. Also, updated the links section...


A new section under interactive for downloadable games. I've been playing around with RPG Maker XP the past week (and not doing much else than that), and have put together a little escape-type game, oh-so-originally named Escape.


A new thing (or a remake of an old, depending on how you view it) added under interactive - titled They Zap People. It is, like the previous entry, a random generator - this one (briefly) describing a pair of people who go out and transform others.

Also touched up (slightly) Zap Test with the <NINEBALL> command which will instantly take you to the bonus area if you're not already there. This sets the stage for adding a couple more rooms and people to zap (later next week, most likely) therein -- without having to play the whole game through to get there.


An old thing, re-added to the site. Ka-Zap (under interactive) is a Javascript based "generator" (those from MSF may known it as a "changing room") originally released 2007.01.04. Because of the vast amount of work it would take to convert from Javascript to PHP, I elected to do only very minor porting work and left it in Javascript. Currently working on two others - one that was done in Javascript, but never completed, and a little thing in PHP. At least one of them should be uploaded this week; the other may have to wait until after finals.

Unfortunately, many of the things that were on the old secondgate.com or its predecessor are probably lost for good... After these two next generators are done, I'll return to working on my more ambitious interactive fiction project.


New addition to the Interactive section, a multi-branching story (Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style) entitled The Haunted House. (Yes, I know, but the name is unoriginal for a reason.) Work continues on a mid-length game using some of the lessons learned from Zap Test and Aiborae, but nothing yet ready for public display - curent goal (which may slide) is November 30th.

Also, added a donation page - if you have the means, any amount of financial support is greatly appreciated. Commissions for interactive fiction games/stories may be available soon. Contact me for that.

Also, though this was launched several days back, I've created an offsite journal for interim site update/development-oriented posts, reserving this for only actual updates posted to the site. Discussion there is certainly welcome. ^.^


New mini-game entitled Aiborae created and uploaded under the interactive section. Due to the deadline, not much if any spell-checking, so be gentle with that -- and hopefully I squashed or squished all the (major) bugs, but there might still be a minor one or two extant.


Minor website functionality update: the twitterbox on the right can now be turned on and off (state stored via a cookie that expires in 365 days from recentmost change)

Please note that using the on or off links functions as a page refresh which will break / restart other interactive features, such as Zap Test. Turning the twitterbox on or off should be done before starting an interactive game.

Cookies may be used for future site features as well (current project may require a session-based cookie). However, I will never use cookies for nefarious purposes, like tracking browsing habits; they are purely for intrasite functionality.


Well, after much work, adding extra features, a full weak behind my self-imposed deadline, and trimming some of the feature creep out, I've finally done my first real game (excluding the javascript game of memory that existed back on the old SecondGate) - a text-based interactive fiction entitled Zap Test. This started somewhat as a proof-of-concept, but grew a bit more than that.

There still isn't everything done with it that I want (more endings and bigger (and more populous) bonus area, mainly), but as it stands now, Zap Test is a fully functional game, if a bit short. There still may be a couple bugs and plentiful typos, but everything really should be fine. ^.^

Take a look in the Interactive section and give it a try. Then let me know what you think. ^.~

In the next couple days, I may provide a .zip (not .zap ^.~) of the source files for people who may want to poke around in it as well as perhaps a semi-walkthrough/guide/hint listing. Haven't decided yet...


Interactive section 'added' -- ported and uploaded Love-Love 4/5 without too much of a hassle in getting the javascript converted to php. On the plus side, that now means that automatic translators (and probably screen readers) can access and convert the page, whereas before all the text was in javascript document.writes before, making it inaccessible to those services.

Granted, automatic translation technology has quite a ways to go still, but seeing as I make use of it from time to time (to English, though, not from English), it only seems fair to allow people who speak and read other languages to cuss out the translator as it stumbles over idiomatic expressions and more complicated grammatical constructions the way I have to, ne? ^.~


Site launch: filled out most sections -- still need to port across stuff in the "interactive" section. Once that's done, time to start working on new content (like, say, all the projects that I'm trying to finish, or trying to not keep putting off...)

Even managed a nifty little "grab the first update from the update page and put it on the home page" script. Not much, but I am proud of it. All this without databases, too... ^^


Preliminary launch of the site. Bulk of 'content' pages currently as "under construction," only a couple things converted to "stories," and at least two annoying display incongruities in IE.

But, hey, it's been years since SecondGate came down, and ATOJ before that -- time to be making use of this space and restoring a web presence outside of a few boards, deviantArt and LiveJournal...

Got a bit of work ahead, to try and hammer on some things that were standalone pages (Love-Love 4/5th, a generator or two), and massage them into shape to fit in the mainbody area of the page, here.

Probably should also find and mangle a CMS to handle the update portion here, but the couple things I messed with earlier would require too many headaches to incorporate -- just need the php/html fragment to include in this space, not a whole front page and the rest of the bells and whistles a CMS offers.

Pleased with submenu for stories, though (other than the IE display error) - it scans the directory and puts up the file names as links. "In teractive" will do the same, once I get to that point. The only problem with it, is that it requires filenames to be what the link names are intended to be. So, no more short names -- but I think the inclusion of spaces is what's messing up IE, so may add a bit to convert underscores into spaces, and use underscores in the filename...

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